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“Dr. Amy has confident skills in her field that helped me progress through a prior injury” kim


“Dr. Amy showed me a whole new way of working out, it’s not just physical… it’s mental as well” ralph


“Immediately, I was blown away by Dr. Amy’s knowledge and holistic approach” carla

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Moving towards your goals to health & wellness by preventing sickness & disease


Maintaining a holistic process towards your pursuit to health & wellness


Instilling precise focus towards your goals


Approach to Physical Therapy Services

Average Cost: $2,200

1. Initial meeting with physician

2. Patient referred to a specialist

3. Diagnostics performed (such as MRI/CT scans)

4. Patient follows up with initial physician again

5. Physical therapy referral


Approach to Physical Therapy Services

Average Cost: $900

1. Immediate direct access to a physical therapist without a physician referral

2. Patients with complications may require referral to specialist for further testing/treatment

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Physical Therapy

These treatment approaches may include manual therapy techniques, therapeutic exercise, gait training, activities of daily living training and even home safety.

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FAAOMPT Mentorship

As a credentialed Fellow of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Manual Physical Therapists (FAAOMPT), Dr. Bullock offers mentorship training to those striving to obtain the FAAOMPT credential through fellowship or residency programs.

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Dry Needling

Treatments serve to aid in the healing process of neuromuscular pain syndromes. The use of sterile, monofilament acupuncture needles (without injectate or anesthetics) are inserted into or near the target tissue including muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia or nerves.

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Spinal Manipulative Therapy

Application of a quick “thrust” to a joint or multiple joints to the target segment(s). SMT is a “momentum-induced” technique that aims to target multiple joints within the spinal column or a single joint within the arms or legs.

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Instrument-Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization

Use of tools (rather than the therapists hands) for manual therapy interventions, specifically geared towards breaking down chronic scar adhesions and fascial plane restrictions.

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Body Tempering

Body tempering utilizes a steal cylindrical-shaped object weighing between 15-200lbs applied to a body part in a relaxed state. The pressure from the load helps distribute blood flow as well as creating symmetrical “pressure” throughout the affected muscle(s).

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Wellness Training

1-on-1 or small group time, lasting between 45 to 60 minutes, specific programming sessions include a functional warm-up, a strength/functional lifting component and then a conditioning workout.

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Functional Movement Screenings

Functional movement screens, or FMS, can be implemented within an individual’s wellness program or skilled physical therapy care.

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Nutrition Coaching

The Fuel Method provides online coaching and personalized macronutrient prescriptions to reach your ultimate goal(s).

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American Academy of Manipulative Therapy

Fortress Physical Therapy is a hybrid physical therapy and wellness clinic blending the worlds of health and fitness and physical therapy lifestyles.  We believe that your body is a sacred “fortress” and can periodically get out of sync through various lifestyle pursuits.  As a patient at FPT, you can receive a sense of safety and care that we are looking out for your best interest to be proactive with your lifestyle choices.  If you are experiencing pain, discomfort or recovering from an injury, FPT utilizes evidence-based knowledge along with a combination of passive and active therapies to get you back to peak performance as soon as possible.  There are plenty of ways to train around pain or injury and FPT teaches you to stay active, maintain a strong foundation and eliminate your fear of not fully recovering.  So if you’re looking to stay off the sidelines and want to continue to do the things you love, or even do things you never thought you could do, then come with FPT to build your own Fortress of Solitude today! – #FUNCTIONwithPURPOSE