Why Cash-Based PT?

Are you tired of waiting to get the care you need right away due to insurance delays?

Are you frustrated of not receiving the valued care you deserve for your chronic low back pain at the traditional, insurance-driven physical therapy clinic?

Then cash-based physical therapy is your answer!  The concept of cash-based physical therapy is to AVOID unnecessary co-pays and DELETE the chronic cycle experience to seeing a physician first then perhaps being passed on to a medical specialist who then might ultimately order you to see a physical therapist at the finish line!  From the old, traditional physical therapy model, one will most likely experience DE-VALUED care, as a high percentage of patients are only receiving 10 to 15 minutes of direct 1-on-1 care within a 1-hour time period!  And not to mention being 1 out of 2-3 patients booked at the SAME time seeing the SAME therapist during that SAME 1-hour block!  Additionally to top it off, third-party health insurances frequently DENY payments and commonly have LIMITED physical therapy visits per year → this ultimately DECREASES the care one may need! Cash-based physical therapy WILL leave you satisfied with HIGH-VALUED expectations, the appropriate 1-on-1 TIME spent with your physical therapist, the AVOIDANCE of seeing unnecessary physicians/specialists visits and the AVOIDANCE of third-party health insurances DENYING YOUR CARE!  Schedule your first physical therapy visit today with Fortress Physical Therapy and see what you have been missing in your healthcare!  

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