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patient solitude successes

Ann Maire.jpg

“Dr. Amy and I have been working out together for 4+ years which has been a very productive experience, since I have had 2 rotator cuff surgeries.  Her eye for detail on body positioning as well as approach to rehab to include dry needling has helped me to gain strength in a very slow and methodical manner.  As a master’s athlete, it is important to be patient with your rehab so you don’t Injure yourself throughout the process.  You can count on Dr. Amy to keep you focused on this very important concept.  I highly recommend her for your physical therapy needs”!

~ Ann marie h

~ ralph c

“I was 53 years old and 40 pounds overweight; I was on medication for high blood pressure, depression, etc.  Then I met Dr. Amy and have since have lost over 45 pounds and dropped all of my medications!  Before working with Dr. Amy, the type of workouts I was doing weren’t effective enough and she opened my eyes to the way I was supposed to be working out – I see a night and day difference now and completely changed my outlook on exercising and life!  Dr. Amy showed me a whole new way of working out, it’s not just physical… it’s mental as well!  You have to change your mind first and then your body will follow!  I already have recommended Dr. Amy to several of my friends and family; every chance I get, I share my experiences with others!  Dr. Amy, keep doing whatever it is you’re doing because it’s changed my life and I’m sure countless others too!  My new way of thinking is addicting and I can’t wait to see what I will accomplish in the future – I am now an avid CrossFitter at CrossFit Pineville and will never look back"!


“I began working with Dr. Amy when I had an injury that caused my hand to go numb whenever I tried to write.  I couldn't complete a written sentence without numbness.  After 1 visit, I was 80% better, 2 visits put me at 98% improved and take home exercises that pushed me back to 100%.  I began going to her again with my second pregnancy because I wanted to avoid the sciatic pain that occurred during my first pregnancy.  Through routine preventative care, I was able to go through pregnancy without lower back and sciatic pain.  I felt stronger and more capable at work and at home.  I believe she helped me achieve a healthier pregnancy.  Working with Dr. Amy is like working with the most enthusiastic person on a sports team.  She is uplifting, knowledgeable and patient.  Her energy and genuine happiness make her fun to work with and encourage you to work hard.  She is also ridiculously smart”.

~ eva s

~ Jim Y

“I had to retire 7 years ago as it was too painful to sit in an office chair all day.  I tried regular MD's, chiropractors, steroids, muscle relaxers, yoga and every form of stretching I could find - but nothing helped my back for more than two weeks.  Dr. Amy got me moving again in 3 sessions and I am now working out in the gym and active in the yard again.  Dr. Amy knew exactly what to do as opposed to the general advice of diet and exercise I got from the other doctors I consulted.  Thank you Dr. Amy”!


“I started working with Dr. Amy as a volunteer while she was going through her fellowship program. I continued seeing her after her fellowship training because she was conveniently located, had accommodating hours and had proven herself as having confident skills in her field that helped me progress through a prior injury.  I learned valuable stretching and mobility techniques each time I was treated for a different issue; so far, all of those techniques have either alleviated my strains or got rid of them all together!  Dr. Amy is a very down-to-earth individual who shows genuine care and concern for her patients.  I would recommend Dr. Amy, not only because she has a strong knowledge base about the human body and its mobility/functions, but she also has a great level of care and concern for her patients as well as a great personality to provide any client with the whole package!  I would encourage Dr. Amy to continue to focus on her goals, stay grounded and in-touch with those that she treats and always remember what her true purpose is!  She is a true gem on many levels and an asset to have at CrossFit Pineville”.

~ Kim D

~ Gary s

“As a master's (64 year old) CrossFit athlete and coach, I understand the importance of mobility and my overall health.  Personally, I take 45 minutes to an hour each day to work on various stiff or sore body parts.  However, there are times that simple stretching and mobility movements do not resolve my sore joints or muscle issues; that’s where my friend, Dr. Amy, comes to my assistance!  I’ve worked with Dr. Amy for over 4 years and I can tell you that the level of care and assistance is remarkable!  She is extremely thorough in evaluating any limitations or impingements in my movements and uses the most up-to-date practices to resolve my problems!  With her help, whether its dry needling or other manual works, I’m usually back in good shape in a short time period!  She’s extremely professional and cares deeply about her clients!  I also like the fact that I can go right to Dr. Amy at CrossFit Pineville and have treatment done on a cash-fee basis which is often at a lower cost than the “traditional”, multiple co-payment fees I would get at going to other doctors or even specialists; that way I can avoid having to go through the long referral processes with my general practitioner!  Given the successes that I had with her treatments, I highly recommend Dr. Amy; she’s also a great athlete and an even better person”!