Ralph   “I was 53 years old and 40 pounds overweight; I was on medication for high blood pressure, depression, etc. Then I met Dr. Amy and have since have lost over 45 pounds and dropped all of my medications! Before working with Dr. Amy, the type of workouts I was doing weren’t effective enough and she opened my eyes to the way I was supposed to be working out – I see a night and day difference now and completely changed my outlook on exercising and life! Dr. Amy showed me a whole new way of working out, it’s not just physical… it’s mental as well! You have to change your mind first and then your body will follow! I already have recommended Dr. Amy to several of my friends and family; every chance I get, I share my experiences with others! Dr. Amy, keep doing whatever it is you’re doing because it’s changed my life and I’m sure countless others too! My new way of thinking is addicting and I can’t wait to I see what I will accomplish in the future – I am now an avid CrossFitter at CrossFit Pineville and will never look back!”