what to expect on My First Visit

  • 1-on-1 direct care with your physical therapist

  • Education on expectations of physical therapy and interventions applied

  • Direct communication with your physical therapist

  • On-site payment

  • On-site follow up appointment scheduling


how to prepare for my first visit

  • Arrive 10-15 minutes early for your scheduled visit

  • Wear comfortable clothing

  • Bring the necessary completed paperwork

  • Expect to be seen for at least 45-60 minutes

  • Provide payment for services at the completion of the session


do you take my health insurance

  • No – Fortress PT is a stand-alone out of network clinic in which services are paid for on a “fee-for-service(s)” basis

  • A superbill with the necessary physical therapy coding for that day’s visit can be provided upon your request if you wish to submit to your health insurance yourself


how to pay for your visits

  • Cash / credit / debit / check

  • HSA / FSA are also acceptable payments


do I need a referral to see you

  • No – both NC and SC have “direct access” meaning you do not need a physician referral for physical therapy service(s) in order to get the care that you need


do i need to keep coming to therapy

  • Once goals are fully attained within an appropriate timeline, it is highly advised to maintain a schedule of “check-ins” on an “as needed” basis (i.e. 1x/month)

  • Remember, once you cross the “direct access line”, you are essentially a patient at FPT for life – you have unlimited physical therapy access


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